What is XCAD Social and how do I use it?


XCAD Social is similar to the recent famous Friend Tech app, but with some key changes.

Anyone can issue a 'key', providing they have a Youtube or X (Formerly Twitter) account. Users and fans can buy these keys to gain access to certain perks around the Creator, such as chat room access.

The main Unique features of XCAD Social are:

  • Fractional key buying
  • Launched on BNB Chain
  • It's the first application of its kind to have a native token. The only way to purchase a key is by using the XCAD Token
  • Allows both web3 and web3 influencers to issue keys
  • Contains Twitter, YouTube and Instagram influencers
  • The best performing Creators' keys will qualify to launch Creator Tokens, keys will then convert into Creator Tokens. Creators' who qualify here will get additional support and investment from the XCAD Team.
XCAD Social app is just the first part of that V2 SocialFi Ecosystem. It connects to the main Social Fi product very clearly.
The best-performing Creator keys, on XCAD Social, will qualify to launch Fan Tokens with XCAD. Holders of those Creators keys will be able to convert their keys into Fan Tokens when they launch. The Fan Tokens then will have an entire ecosystem around them.
This is exactly what Social Fi needs, an entire ecosystem. It's shown it can get incredible initial interest, but this provides a much better and more sustainable ecosystem around Social Fi for the long term.

What are Keys?


Keys are what gain you access to the creators chat rooms, keys are volatile assets which can be traded on the platform using the XCAD Token. Note: You will still require BNB for gas. Some keys on the platform will exchange into Creator Tokens when they are launched. More information will follow in Q1.


Check out our announcement article for more information here

Visit our Gitbook for a step by step on how to use XCAD.Social