What can I do if my rewards are not recorded properly or get Failed views?

Try this when tracking doesn't kick off properly or you get Failed records despite following all the best practices and watching eligible* videos. 

Refresh the page (multiple times if needed) next time you watch a video but one or more of the following things occur:

✖️The Pop-up message is not displayed after 10 seconds

✖️The Custom video view bar on Youtube does not change from red to XCAD colors and a dotted line after pop-up message

✖️The Creator Symbol/Letters on the extension icon on the top right corner of the screen is not displayed (not applicable for mobile)

✖️The View goes to a Failed status. Once the video's page is refreshed re-watch the video and make sure all 3 indicators above show up

It's important that all these 3 indicators are displayed to properly record the reward. Refreshing the page should re-activate the tracking system if didn't activate properly by itself at the beginning of a video.

Note: For mobile, exiting the video and opening it again should refresh it.


*Remember that streams, shorts and age restricted videos are not eligible for rewards