What Does Each of the Attributes of the PLAY NFT Do?

Speed: dictates how much an NFT will earn additionally when watching videos quickly. Quickly being, from when they were uploaded. Specifically in the first 30 minutes, a portion of all rewards will be pooled and attributed to those who are able to watch videos quickly. 

Reputation: This is a major characteristic of PLAY NFTs. The higher the Rep of your NFT, the higher the base rewards will be. It plays a huge part in deciding the earning power of an NFT.

Luck: The PLAY lottery takes place after every single registered view (assuming you are under your view cap for the day). Luck dictates your probability of winning it.

Stamina: The efficiency of repairing is affected by the higher your NFT is in Stamina. It affects the value you will get when repairing your NFT. 

Specialities: The speciality will boost the earnings for an NFT if it's watching a specific category of videos. For example, an NFT which has a gamer speciality would receive a boost when watching gaming videos.